Hotmail has a very popular feature to be able to associate our domain with the mail system . It should be noted that emails are of great importance for companies and entrepreneurs. It allows us to connect with others to establish business or important tasks. What we want to say, in summary, is that it is significant to have an email linked to our domain. But why? Simple, by linking the account, your professional image will increase . That way they’ll see you with different eyes, not like a scammer. It may sound like something from the other world when it is not, it is very easy to link it. We will show you later how to do it.

How to link your own domain with Hotmail

The tedious thing here is the amount of requirements Hotmail asks for. All vary and it is up to you to give all the information necessary for the proper functioning of your domain. On the other hand, mail managers are often inefficient. These offer hosting services so you can link your domain with Hotmail. The popular service is now one of the most used by corporations that need a personal image. Using the Hotmail service does not imply that your domain will change. The use of it leaves your personal domain intact, as long as you keep it up to date.

Now let’s go to the exact point, how do I link my own domain to Hotmail? You have to follow the steps that will be shown below:

  • Go to the Windows administration center

To enter you just have to log in with your Hotmail account. Then follow the following link (to save time looking for the tab we mentioned). You will be automatically redirected to the tab and you can continue with the steps.

  • Tab description

The CAW, (Windows Administration Center), is responsible for customizing Windows services. There your domain will be linked successfully. The initial line will be the description of the tab. Below is a link that reads “Introduction.” Click on that link and wait for another tab to appear.

  • Basic information

In the tab that appears next, we will be asked for the name of our domain. Place it without “http://” and without “www.” This is already written in the box. Also, make sure that the “link my domain with Windows” box is checked. Click “continue.”

Acceptance of following terms and steps

When you click continue, another page will appear where the information you provided will appear. This will ensure that everything is in order and that there is no error in the domain. You will also have to accept the service contract. The following terms will appear on the same page:

  1. Domain

  2. Mail service

  3. Administrator

The first one should be the domain that you placed in the previous tab. In the second, Windows Live Hotmail should appear . And finally, in the third, the administrator, that is, your name and additional information. Below is the “accept” option, by clicking there, you accept the terms of the contract that are in a higher link.

The following is the most important thing, you have to prove domain ownership. If you fail to prove ownership, the request will be rejected. You will be asked for the mail configuration, where we will be interested in the MX server and the priority.

Do not close this tab, we will need it after following this other step

Let’s go to the control panel of our domain and in the “mail” section go to “MX entry”. After clicking there, a tab will open. Select “remote mail transport agent” and insert the information Hotmail gave us in the “mail configuration (required)”. Then we click on “Add New Record” and the new MX record will be ready.

Mail configured, linked domain.

With the server ready, now we have to notify Hotmail that everything is in order. For this step, we will have to return to the page we told you not to close. Once there, click on the “update” button. The process could take a few seconds, however the process will be completed. The message that appears will be “Your service is active.”

What we have left to do will be the creation of the email addresses with our linked domain. What you place as personal data, will be what will precede your domain. Example: if you place name, and your domain is @, the final product will be [email protected]

The accounts can be created to your liking, and the people who will be next owners of them can change the password. Of course, all with your authorization. Your domain link will be ready. Hotmail will allow you to create up to 500 accounts with your domain .